EDRfinder is your key to data that can be retrieved from Event Data Recorders (EDR) and other electronic devices in vehicles.

We currently provide information on 8289 vehicles, 3786 sample files, 14092 vehicle information datasets and much more.

The new EDRfinder API v2 is here!

After successful pilot testing our new API has been publicly released. Integrating our data with your application has never been easier!

Get our field proven EDR Retrieval Kit for Tesla vehicles!

Only a few hours after Tesla published their own EDR Tool, we were able to perform the first successful download of EDR data from a Tesla Model S. Since then, we've been very busy looking at Tesla vehicles and their EDR systems, and now, we're excited to offer a complete set of cables and adapters, everything you need to get data from Tesla vehicles.

What is EDRfinder?

EDRfinder is your universal tool for getting information about the Event Data Recorders (EDRs) found in most modern vehicles, data from which can be used for reconstruction of accidents a vehicle has been in. Use EDRfinder to check if a specific vehicle has EDR functionality, what kind of data it keeps, and how you can obtain it.

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Use BOSCH CDR and other EDR Tools - the easy way

Have you ever wondered where the ACM is located or where the fuse box can be found? Have you ever needed to know which fuse needs to be pulled to feed voltage to the ACM circuit when the vehicle battery is defect? EDRfinder enables you to quickly identify and access core vehicle components, making it easy to get to the data you need.

See what data you can expect

Sometimes you would like to see what data you can expect from a specific vehicle - before you go and see it. EDRfinder gives you access to sample files for most EDR equipped vehicles and a large number of real world example cases that do not only contain EDR data files but also the corresponding scene evidence and pictures of the vehicles.

Lookup diagnostic data

With regard to Accident Reconstruction EDR downloads are the most suitable data that can be used as a supplemental information in accident reconstruction. However Diagnostic data can also be used to get some insights and when it comes to fraud detection Diagnostic data is an important asset for example to look for mileage adjustments in a vehicle. Therefore EDRfinder does not only provide information about EDRs but also about Diagnostic Data that can be used for Accident Reconstruction or Fraud Detection.

Find vehicle components

Have you ever wondered where the ACM is located or where the fuse box can be found and which fuse needs to be pulled to feed voltage to the ACM circuit when the vehicle battery is defect. EDRfinder enables you to quickly identify and access core vehicle components to make your way to the data.

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Get data from ACMs and other ECUs - dead or alive

Aside from providing information about vehicles, we also offer readouts as a service. Just send us your ACM or other ECU and we will evaluate the possibility to access data and even download it for you when possible. We make use of every EDR retrieval tool currently available as well as other specialized tools to access data on badly damaged modules. Successful retrieval of data has even been demonstrated on mechanically destroyed and burnt modules. We accept modules from all countries worldwide which can be shipped to our locations in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Not just a service - EDRfinder is a community

Our database is continuously growing and you can help improve it. EDRfinder is more than a source of information - it's a community where you can share your knowledge with other users. Data provided by users to be added to EDRfinder is rewarded in EDRfinder credits.

Get the best CDR/EDR training

Our training branch, awg, is an official provider of training for the BOSCH CDR Tool. We offer every kind of education, from introductory one day classes to an all-in exhaustive five day training that leaves no questions open. Our trainers are all very experienced accident reconstructionists that will not only teach you how to get the data but how to interpret it correctly and use it in your own reconstruction work. Please note that we will also be offering an introductory course online very soon. More information can be found below.

Get data that you can make use of

All current EDR retrieval tools offer only very limited export functionality. This makes it hard to transfer EDR data to databases or other systems for further processing or analysis. For our own needs we created the Open Event Data Exchange Format (OEDX) which enables easy transfer of EDR data between all kinds of systems. OEDX allows you, for example, to export data from an EDR retrieval tool and import it into an accident reconstruction software like PC Crash. OEDX also addresses the need for EDR data to be digitally signed, thus helping to set up a sound chain of evidence for EDR data.

Integrate EDRfinder data in your application with our REST API

Do you need to look up large quantities of vehicles per day to check EDR data availability and retrieval possibilities? Do you need structured data or information rendered in PDF files in multiple languages? Then our API is exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a REST API that can easily be integrated into existing applications. Click below to find out more.

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