About us

EDRfinder is a service provided by tepeg GmbH. We are a software engineering company from Germany and belong to brockmanngruppe, a group of companies providing expert and training services to the automotive and insurance industry.

Brockmann Ingenieure GmbH is an Automotive Experts company that was founded in 1980 and provides all kinds of experts services around vehicles, including accident reconstruction and forensic data retrieval from vehicles electronics.

Through our work in the field of accident reconstruction, we discovered the need to deeply look into the data that can be retrieved from modern vehicles because it provides additional facts that can really enhance the quality of accident reconstructions being done today.

While working with EDR data and the BOSCH CDR Tool we felt the need for a convenient way to look up coverage and accessibility of EDRs with the BOSCH CDR Tool and in 2013 we created CDRfinder as an IOS App. CDRfinder is still available today through the Apple Appstore.

Soon, there was a large request from our users to provide more information than just coverage and accessibility, so we decided to develop CDRfinder for Windows as a supplemental solution. CDRfinder for Windows also includes information about vehicle properties like DLC, battery and fusebox locations as well as access to a large sample file database. However, all information in CDRfinder was (and still today is) limited to BOSCH CDR. The picture below shows the timeline of the evolution from CDRfinder for IOS up to EDRfinder today.

While we strongly believe that BOSCH is making the very best EDR Retrieval Tool available today there are still a lot of vehicles (especially in Europe) that have to accessed by other EDR Retrieval Tools. We wanted to extend the coverage to these tools and along the way made the decision to rebrand CDRfinder to EDRfinder and move to a web based solution, enabling us to develop more efficiently and provide a much better user experience. EDRfinder covers not only BOSCH CDR Tool accessible vehicles, but all vehicles that we are aware of. You can look up any known vehicle and query for EDR support in it. You can even look up vehicles by their VIN.

Training for CDR Users

We are strongly commited to BOSCH CDR and proudly provide training for BOSCH CDR in Europe. Through our academy awg we offer a very wide selection of CDR/EDR courses that range from basic introduction to in-depth 5 day courses that also include practical application of EDR data for accident reconstruction. The training we provide comes from experts in the fields of accident reconstruction and automotive electronics and software.

Some of our trainings are offered together with our partners from Crash Data Specialists who have vast experience in the application of BOSCH CDR and are well respected EDR experts worldwide.

Get in touch with us

Our offices are located in Germany between Cologne and Frankfurt. You can find us here:

tepeg GmbH
August-Horch-Str. 5
56736 Kottenheim
Phone: +49 (2651) 9600-0
Fax: +49 (2651) 9600-20
Email: edrfinder@edrfinder.com