EDR data retrieval and recovery

When encountering heavily damaged vehicles where download through the DLC is not possible, it is necessary to remove the Airbag Control Module (ACM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) from the vehicle and directly attach the EDR Retrieval Tool. For this process, special cables and adapters are required and it does not make sense for everyone to have every available cable on site.

On EDRfinder we offer EDR data retrieval as a service. We are able to take your ACM / PCM and download the data for you with any EDR Retrieval Tool currently available.

Even when modules are mechanically damaged or have been exposed to fire, there is a great chance that data can still be recovered from them. It has been proven in many cases that in even badly damaged ECUs, the data was still present and accessible. Working together with Crash Data Specialists, we accept shipment to the US, Canada and Europe (Germany) and work with state of the art electronic equipment in a completely ESD safe process to recover your data.