About EDRfinder

EDRfinder is the evolution of an idea that sparked from our own needs as working professionals in the field of accident reconstruction and forensic data retrieval from automotive electronics.
We first started working with Event Data Recorders (EDRs) and the BOSCH CDR Tool we were impressed by the whealth of information that was accessible from EDRs. However, it is not always easy to determine if a specific vehicle contains an EDR and how the data can actually be accessed.

EDRfinder is a tool that is made by users for users. We provide convenient identification of vehicles by selecting make, model and model year or by entering the vehicle’s VIN and doing a lookup. When dealing with the different components of the BOSCH CDR Tool it's also sometimes challenging to look up the cables and adapters that are needed for downloads via the vehicles DLC connector or when accessing an Airbag Control Module (ACM) directly.

Get an overview

EDRfinder gives you an overview of the cables and adapters. We provide pictures of all items because this makes it much easier to find a specific part in your set.

Often it is necessary to remove the ACM from heavily damaged vehicles or to apply power through the fusebox in order to perform a data readout through the DLC connector. Sometimes, however, even finding the DLC connector can be challenging. For this reason, EDRfinder provides information on DLC, fusebox, ACM and batteries for many vehicles. You can easily find where the components are located using the pictures and descriptive texts we provide.

View sample files and case data

Since obtainable data varies from vehicle to vehicle, EDRfinder offers a huge amount of sample files for all EDR Retrieval Tools supported by us. This enables you to look at sample data coming from a vehicle comparable to the one you are investigating, allowing you to know in advance what data you will likely find. We always try to provide samples in the native format of the EDR Retrieval Application as well as PDF and as a structured data set (OEDX). We also provide a growing number of example documented cases, including EDR data.

See what else can be retrieved

While data from EDRs is meant to be used to reconstruct crashes, there is much more data to be found in vehicles that be used for other purposes, such as determining possible manipulations of the odometer display. Additionally, there is accident related data in modern vehicles from distributed advanced driver assistance systems that cannot (yet) be retrieved by EDR Retrieval Tools. To give you an overview about all of the data that can be found in vehicles, we also compile information about diagnostic data and publish them on EDRfinder.

You can also have a look at our YouTube channel where we publish videos on EDRfinder and EDR technology in general.


We take great efforts to compile all the data that we offer on EDRfinder but we also depend on feedback from our users. If you have data that you can share and want to provide it to us through EDRfinder’s feedback function, you will be rewarded in EDRfinder credits. Your feedback is very important and is a key part of making EDRfinder more than just a service but a community of people working with or interested in EDR data.