EDRfinder Editions

When you access data on EDRfinder you pay just for what you request. Our credit based system provides a fair method to access just the data you are interested in. No matter if you just sometimes need to access vehicle data or if you access multiple vehicles on a daily basis - you can choose from four plans and several add-on packages.

Edition Credits included ACM Downloads included Price EUR
Basic 100 0 100,-
Advanced 250 0 240,-
Professional 500 1 475,-
Ultimate 1000 2 999,-
Add-On 50 50 0 50,-
Add-On 100 100 0 95,-
Please note
  • All prices are in EUR and excl. VAT
  • Unused credits expire 12 months after date of purchase
  • Add-On packages can only be bought when an active Edition is present

EDR Retrieval Equipment for Tesla vehicles

Our unique EDR Retrieval Kit for Tesla vehicles enables you to download the EDR systems that may be available on Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles. You can find information about this on a dedicated page.

Credits - give and take

You can use your credits to get the data you want. The following table shows how many credits are charged for different lookups. Multiple lookups of the same data within 30 days will not be charged again. Your Feedback is honored! When you provide information that has not been published before on EDRfinder you will be rewarded in Credits. You can get the details from the table below.

Feature Credits Credits rewarded
Identify vehicle by VIN lookup 3 n/a
Basic data 2 4
EDR access procedures 5 10
Scan tool data 5 10
Vehicle information (ACM/DLC/Fuseboxes/Batteries) 3 6
Sample files 5 10
Case files 15 45
Official EDR tool notes free n/a
ACM D2M download by BOSCH CDR 300 n/a
ACM D2M download by GIT EDR Tool 450 n/a
ACM D2M download by Tesla EDR Tool 500 n/a
ACM D2M download by Mitsubishi EDR Tool 600 n/a
ACM D2M download by Subaru EDR Tool 750 n/a
Please note
  • Prices for ACM downloads only apply when your free ACM downloads have been used up
  • VIN lookups are supported for most European, Asian and North-American vehicles
  • VIN lookups are only charged when the vehicle was identified
  • When ordering an ACM download credits spent for looking up the vehicle are being rewarded
  • For other types of ECUs and/or damaged ACMs please contact us by email at edrfinder@edrfinder.com